Graduate Student Forum & Fellowship

Applications for the 2015-16 Forum and Fellowship Program are now closed. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Will Wittels.

In addition to including graduate students across research initiatives, the Tobin Project facilitates a forum and fellowship program exclusively for graduate students, with the aim of supporting aspiring scholars interested in collaborative work and in focusing their research on real-world problems. In 2009, the program opened with an all-day seminar in which students discussed seminal texts of political economy and shared ideas and insights across disciplines. In 2010, the Tobin Project launched its first Democracy & Markets Graduate Student Fellowship program, offering grants to students for research related to the intersection between market structures and democratic institutions. The program expanded in 2011 into Tobin’s National Security initiative, offering grants for students whose research addresses the question of how the U.S. might better wield nonmilitary power in its national security strategy. These grantees form the core of a developing forum series, in which interdisciplinary groups of graduate students meet regularly to present and exchange feedback on early-stage research. The intention is that students will develop relationships that can carry into their careers and continue to enrich their research with diverse and productive input.

The Tobin Project now facilitates a single forum and fellowship program for both students in security studies and students interested in the relationship between democracy and markets. See the link above for application instructions; if you have any other questions, please contact Will Wittels.