Public Policy Engagement

The mission of the Tobin Project is to be a catalyst for transformative research in the social sciences. As such, Tobin Project research efforts aim to build lasting change across academia by generating new scholarship on the most pressing problems in today's society. Ongoing engagement with the policy community is essential to this process. At every stage of research development, the Tobin Project facilitates a two-way exchange of ideas: scholars share insights with policymakers in a position to effect change and policymakers motivate and ground scholars' research by sharing their real-world experience. 

While Tobin Project initiatives focus on long-term research that can undergird pioneering policy advances in the future, the scholars are also well-positioned to offer expertise on short-term policy dilemmas informed by their academic research. As opportunities arise to advise policymakers, Tobin scholars often provide guidance and then use these experiences in the policy arena to inform their research going forward. Policymakers comment on the Tobin Project model »

This ongoing interaction, with the ultimate goal of producing new scholarship strategically informed by real-world policy challenges, is illustrated here by three case studies of the Tobin Project's policy engagement in recent years: