Annual Updates

The Tobin Project releases yearly print "Updates" that report on organization-wide progress. The 2013-2017 Updates are available below.


The 2017 Update covers developments throughout our research areas in the past year, featuring the History of American Democracy conference, research on Reassessing Threat Assessment, a Prize on Inequality and Decision Making, and recent events as part of our Government and Markets initiative. Download it here or read it below.


The 2016 Update overviews developments across our research areas from the last year, featuring progress in our Inequality and Decision Making initative, research from the forthcoming volume Corporations and American Democracy, and new projects in our National Security and Institutions of Democracy initiatives. Download it here or read it below.



The 2015 Update covers last year’s developments across Tobin’s research areas, featuring the newest projects in the Inequality and Decision Making initiative, research from the forthcoming volume Sustainable Security, and the many ways in which scholars in the Tobin network are helping advance the mission of the Tobin Project at their home institutions. Download it here or read it below.



The 2014 Update covers recent developments in all of Tobin's research areas, featuring our Corporation and American Democracy initiative, new research on the physiological and psychological consequences of economic inequality, events with scholars and policymakers on Preventing Regulatory Capture and Sustainable Security, and more. Download it here or read it below.


The Fall 2013 Update covered the Tobin Project's experimental work on economic inequality, two historical inquiries on what makes for a healthy American democracy, and the release of the Tobin Project’s latest edited volume, “Preventing Regulatory Capture: Special Interest Influence and How to Limit It.” Download it here or read it below.